Journal of Transmedial Arts & Acts //// Volume 22 //// Issue #3 //// Summer 2014 //// ISSN 1874-9534
Journal of Transmedial Arts & Acts //// Volume 22 //// Issue #3 //// Summer 2014 //// ISSN 1874-9534
digital art, performance, cinema, video, e-literature
    11 Ways to escape the symbolic Field     
    A Battlefield of Stimulants    
    Facebook Conversations    
    Reviews: Arelis Eleftherios - Athens / Greece    
    Nictoglobe RadioTV: Burgerwaanzin'    
    La Resocialista Internacional     
    Semantic Disturbances    
    MobLog, An Iconological Collaboratorium    
    Looking for Mao     
    Warzonal I - VI     
    Slow Flower     
    Asemic Robots     
    Letters to/from my Father 1942    
    Images for the Deleuzed Masses    
    Deranged Iconic Artefacts    
    Geräusche aus der Helle    
    Friction Research 4, 2011    
    Friction Research 3, 2010    
    Friction Research 2, 2009    
    Friction Research 1, 2007    
    Theoretical Statement Concerning Computer-Robotic Paintings: Joseph Nechvatal 1987 (US,FR)    
    State of Exception: Dirk Vekemans (BE)    
    The 'Finished' Work of Art is a Thing from the Past: Tom Sherman 1995 (USA)    
    10 Postulates for Technopolitics: Brian Holmes (USA)    
    Finality, a Sketch for a virtual Sculpture: A. Andreas (NL)    
    The Essence of Neoliberalism: Pierre Bourdieu (FR)    
    The Machine in the Ghost / Static Trapped in Mouths: Curt Cloninger (US)    
    Artifacts and Critical Media Aesthetics: Rosa Menkman (NL)    
    Overidentification and/or bust?: Stevphen Shukaitis (UK)    
    Lists & Continua: Curt Cloninger (US)    
    Artwork or not work: Erik Empson (UK)    
    Cycling in the Age of Empire: Martin Hardie (AU)    
    Vernacular Video: Tom Sherman (US)    
    Holywood's Alien Women: James Jaeger (US)    
    Machines of the Invisible: Patricia Pisters (NL)    
    It smells like Pop, Remix 2008: Mark Amerika (US)    
    The Few and the Many: A. Andreas (NL)    
    Towards a Radical Anti-Social Art: A. Andreas (NL)    
    Creative Insurgencies: A. Andreas (NL)    
    Volodymyr Bilyk - Extreme writing 2013     
    Francesco Aprile - 4 Visual Poems 2013     
    Andreas Maria Jacobs - Ors Vibrantur Wurld 2007-2011     
    Vurige Tongen 2012, Fiery Tongues 2012     
    Vurige Tongen 2011, Fiery Tongues 2011     
    Unknown Author - Apocrypha on the Origin of the Name Patapoe     
    Bart Plantenga - Beer Mystic: A Novel of Inebriation & Light, US/NL     
    Eddie Woods - Thank God You Are Not Eddie Woods, US/NL     
    Judith V. - Gedichten van Jonkheer 7, NL     
    Vurige Tongen 2010, Fiery Tongues 2010     
    Eddie Woods - Bloody Mary, US/NL     
    Bobbi Lurie - Traveling North, Prose Poem, USA     
    Ors Vibranter Wurld, Compendium Part     
    E-mail Opera: When We Was Strange Birds     
    Vurige Tongen 2007     
    Fiery Tongues 2007     
    Pepe Escobar - There is no business like war business     
    Brahamian Intelligence Service     
    Jurgen Trautwein - Homeless in San Francisco    
    Aditya Mandayam - Bar-बार βάρ-Bar    
    Dany Tomasini - Visual correspondent, Italy    
    Dharma, The Digital Dog II    
    Fast Beaming     
    Nomadic Cinema     
    Ey' Ar Show 2006     
    KrK 2005     
    Oneway Ticket Homeland     
    CellPhone Images Series III     
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