Geräusche aus der Helle

Andreas Maria Jacobs

"[A]nfang 1989 ... gaben sie in den Höhlen der Metrostation Weesperplein, im Rahmen des Circuit du Theatre, die Theatervorstellung 'Underground'...
Das Sicherheitspersonal riegelt den Ort ab und wir sehen Plexiglasröhren mit Halogenlampen, die untereinander in Verbindung stehen. Wenn du so einen Lichtstrahl durchbrichtst, wird ein Soundtrack hörbar. Die Säulen ragen aus dem Rauch, der in den Raum gepumpt wurde, empor. Dann kommen die Tänzer, in einer aus Autoreifen gebastelten Gummikleidung. Sie produzieren ihren eigenen Ton, indem sie die Lichtschranken unterbrechen..."[1]

Undergound Circuit du Theatre, Amsterdam 1989, courtesy gallery dnr Amsterdam View on YouTube:

Geräusche aus der Helle is created and produced by Andreas Maria Jacobs with participants from different 'traditional' disciplines such as dancers, musicians, painters and videomakers. Students from the following art schools/dance academies have participated in one of it's manifestations: Dance Academy Rotterdam NL 2005, Moderne Dans Opleiding Arnhem NL 1989, Mimeschool Amsterdam NL 1989, 2005.

A series of interactive installation/performances started in 1989 which explores human presence in, and (inter)relation to, time and space. It does so by employing electronic sensory devices, dancers, taped and live music, electronic samples, radio, light and projections. It's practical foundation is based upon outdated and current intermedial theories. It addresses questions such as : can a machine be alive?, how relates man with its environment in an broader ecological sense?, can art (re)define a sufficient ecology for the 21st century?


The soundtrack from the 'Urauffuhrung - 1989' is/was included in the now sadly discontinued Berlin based 'Radio Internationale Stadt' web accessable audioarchive from the Open Radio Archive Network Group (


The public screening of Babeth van Loo's Movie UNDERGROUND-CIRCUIT DU THEATRE (16 mm 10 min. b/w snd 1991), featuring Oxygen performing 'Gerausche aus der Helle', was my contribution to the 25th anniversary program of the Institute of Sonology. Royal Conservatory, The Hague NL, 1992. [2]


201?: 'Akasha' - TBD

Remapping human supposed need for transcendence into a spatial 'tree of life' model.Using architectural forms as an emergent metaphoor for existence. Escaping the boundaries of a given medium, be it dance, light, internet, painting. The intention is to re-enact another version of the piece in the near future, a place/building/city suited to its specifics is all that is needed. Suggestions welcome!

2005: 'Fiat Lux', Parts: Feet, Mudra, White - Museum N8 Amsterdam NL.

The remix version. Movement research on culture in collapse.

1991: 'Corridor' - Foundation of Technics & Art Zwolle NL.

A stripped-down version, without dancers.

1989: 'Geräusche aus der Helle', Parts: Morse, Metrograde, Luminatore - UNDERGROUND-CIRCUIT DU THEATRE, Amsterdam NL.

The 'Urauffuhrung' , a historical performance in the atomic bomb shelter below Metrostation Weesperplein, Amsterdam as part of the art event 'Underground' organised by DFM-Artburo Heafties. [3]

1988: 'An Adventure in the Forest' - Arthouse 'de Badcuyp', Amsterdam NL

An ecological installation in which a forest functions as an environmental icon. Extensive use of electronic noises and radio sounds. The audience is invited to enter the space which detects their presence and reacts by producing sounds. [4]



[2] Babeth van Loo (

[3] see: Geert Lovink, The Order of Chaos, the Lives and Work of DFM-Artburo Heafties, in: Acoustic Space 2, 2000, Riga

[4] Produced with a grant from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts / Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, AFK