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Objecting a Thumb: Problematizing that Meme

[Computer Generated Essay]

© 2006, Prof. Doris Frump, dfrump@yale.edu

maintaining, inventing, marginalized, byte, language, sum, gender role, system

Duchamp tells us, those effects invent [1]. As we know, several linguistics nacently engage the value inevitablely. The technological interpretation-prison urbanly remains Marxist art. System digitally retrieves. Adorno said, their political agenda transdisciplinarilly disambiguates [2]. Indicative of Rohmer's view that several worshipped subjects communicatively indoctrinate [3]. Time-based comprehension drains with this contact, and the fetishizations embolden neo-clip. Networks deconstruct words patho-sociologically. A symptomatic sex marginalizedly is the capital off of the utility. Is it not true that the epistomologies technologically absolve an accumulation beside interpretation-prison [4]? As if by some hidden force, their subjects objectify. Undoubtably, some acquired markets oversaturatedly subvert their art-circumventions. It is reasonable to assume that manifold neo-signifier economizes global dissidence-boundary above whom, and geography drenchedly deconstructs the political agenda? The temporal other remains the byte, unless samples patho-sociologically emasculate. Did the superfluous results indoctrinate experimentally, although a transdisciplinary public fascistly hypnotizes?


[fig. 1. Simulcra] Who mediate, ie. sum immersively indoctrinates social mains? The speeches are these mild subjects in the marketshare. No contextual networks utopianly are pluralistic, hence, who is communicative? An effect drenchedly theorizes. Who virtually stop? Adorno celebrates the signifiers plurally are communicative off of proto-meme [5]. The focal simulcras revolve around no validity-dom. A manifold discourse consults. In anticipation, their virtual distinction marginalizedly influences a neo-feminist labour. The focuses radiate neologisms assimilatedly. Their protocal privately erradicates myopically. All immersive fetishizations economize this neo-clip of no semantic, and the education-isms contemporaniously drain. The speechless worldviews are utopian, and obviously, these gestures discriminatorilly are communicative. Market technologically infects, and their psycho proto-memes differentiatedly object contemporarilly. The synthesized exchange economizes.

Citing Hegel, arts singularly infect [6]. Our power commodifies [7]. The malignant professional drowns the foreground, but the acquired subjects are senseless marketshares. Those vector-hoods urbanly are their post-structural exchanges [8]. The utopian circumvention is psycho to a anxiousness inevitablely. Can an inevitable vector privately copulate, and this potent comprehension-osity stops the sexuality? The signs lucidly infect with a gender role ly. Mustn't the affirmations signify? When can several fetishizations disambiguate other-ness, ie. the validities are selfhoods of whom? Who patho-sociologically dissolves magnificently? The objectivity-ism artificially constructs. No superfluous lust capitalizes on need. The gender role virally objectifies, in order to prove the viral classes artificially problematize the semantic. No focuses hypnotize. The Arts reify a magnificent interpretation-ism [9]. An in-kind accumulation temporally is belief-field, because the local validity marginalizedly is a capitalism.

A speechless main roughly drowns experimentally. The drenched foreground-geography experimentally is fundamental, convinced that those affirmations neo-feministly are post-structural by objectivity-ism. Neo-clip interacts with this neo-dissidence. Subsequently, an androgenous boundary injects into that matrix, and the assimilation subjects off of the subject. Will an usability force the neo-feminist network? Jakobson proposes, the ambiguous gender roles mate beside meme [10]. Who contemporaniously is the extreme rudimentarilly? Some senseless critics absolve the political agenda. The distinctions conceive to exchange. No superfluous exchange groundedly is participatory. Those worshipped semantics fakely interact with the critic. It goes without saying several experimental errors are avatistic. A superfluous thought neo-feministly germinates. Marginalized exchange maintains, and no symptomatic proto-memes invert! Field disambiguates the critic fundamentally. Can non-smoking area codifiedly conspires, but the senseless utilities chronologically problematize stereotypically? Post-structural comprehensions force. A transdisciplinary geography acquiredly drinks. The speeches time-basedly codify. Who contemporarilly copulates? Many discourses stop [11]. Epistomology reifies. The stereotypic byte involves a epistomology. An androgenous anxiousness psycholy radiates no capital over the control.

Most nacent labyrinths circumscribe beyond that main. Nonetheless, a transportation is artificial in a focus. Strange as it may seem, who superficially exploit, and the utopian comprehension-osities capitalize on speech-osity speechlessly? Certainly, this superfluous marketshare broadcasts this psycho system [12]. Goddard understood that all protocals economize off of no communication, because indicative of Hobbes's view that who indoctrinate art-circumvention-hood fascistly [13]? The needs publically enumerate the seces magnificently.


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 judsoN ^R+

In 2007, I completed a Faculty Fellowship at ITP (Interactive Telecommunications [MPA] Program) at New York University/Tisch.
In 1992, graduated from Brown University majoring in Visual Art. I programmed interactive artwork in 1996 with one of the first online galleries, Ädaweb.  
My work has been featured under circus tents in the Czech Republic and Poland with avant garde theatrical legends Mabou Mines, at the Kitchen theater, the web art collection of the MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art in NY), the 809 Art District (China), for the Arts Council of Mildura Australia, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, IMEB (the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges), the Kennedy Center (Washington DC), with the Brooklyn Philharmonic and composer Eve Beglarian at the Brooklyn Museum.  
A chapter I wrote is included in The Handbook on Computational Arts and Creative Informatics.