Lawrence Upton

Art is not about Communication

In order to eradicate and to dissolve exchange, invent mistaken CCTV.
Borges would. Plotinus too, probably.

Focus. Contrary implosions use Foucalt. It’s singular; but mild. Education
is sex; and sex is education. Housing is a labyrinth, nouns are

Problematise belief. To drink, to drain, to drown, to gain; to correspond.
Local, focal. Global, plural. Pleural. Derrida revolves. It’s an
accumulation of curators. Economise. Use a fetish replacement, senseless
and oversaturated.

Be kind to Lacan. Mutate. We need each other; broadcast the agenda. Force
communication to economise.

Inject comprehension into your public rough. Hobbes was a replacement for
the open fire in a non-smoking area; and far too urban. Lust for the
patho-sociological -- to subvert, to invert, to absolve.

Lawrence Upton
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lawrence Upton

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Lawrence Upton
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