October 23 2020

Digital Art

Hans Heiner Buhr

More work from Hans Heiner Buhr in Gallery d+n+r


July 19 2020

Corona Dark (2020)

Harry Dukker

"Photography in uncertain, claustrophobic dark times, inspired by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Applying images which I often capture like cloudy skies, the sea, flowers, trees but this time also walls, railing and planes.

The images are rather dark so it takes one more sec to see where you are looking at."

Harry Dukker 2020

More work from Harry Dukker is available at: https://www.harrydukker.nl/4902-2/


June 25 2020

New Digital Collage Art

Fabio Paris and Linda Rocco

New Digital Collage wants to celebrate the technique of contemporary collage, generating a dynamic showcase of innovative research in the realm of digital experimentation.

The online exhibition will be open for a year, growing daily after its launch in March 2020.

The project New Digital Collage has been conceptualised and curated by Fabio Paris and Linda Rocco.

Agam Andreas (NL) Plaza, dimensions variable Digital Collage, B/W Print

May 30 2020

The Art of Life

Hans Heiner Buhr

Poems and drawings from Hans Heiner Buhr

Hans Heiner Buhr was born in 1965 in East Berlin. He had a happy childhood in East Germany, playing football against the wall and being tough warrior Crazy Horse in countless battles in the plains and forests of Kaulsdorf Süd. Studied Art education and Russian language in Dresden and Smolensk and after that he went to Amsterdam and studied painting. Lived in the 1990s in Berlin as a young artist. Moved to Rustavi and Tbilisi in Georgia in the end of the 1990s. Lived in Samarkand, Uzbekistan teaching German language. He founded the travel agency „Kaukasus-Reisen“. Lives with his family in Tbilisi.

Find his art at www.heiner.world

Access the full collection (PDF)

Hans Heiner Buhr, Self portrait Me vs Me – About the eternal struggle with myself on Superrare.co

May 24 2020

AA, The Last Worker / De Laatste Arbeider

800 x 1133 Pixels on Screen

Re-working of an older work from 2018

May 22 2020

Landscape with Lake

Print on Canvas

Image of a landscape with a lake

April 30 2020

Recursive Lines and Colors

Print on Canvas

Intensely digitally processed image of an older work , wich was already an intensely digitally processed image of a still older work

March 25 2020


Art in quarantine


Following the outbreak of COVID-19 recently declared as pandemic by World Health Organization, and the consequent application of quarantine measures by many countries, portuguese artist collective wr3ad1ng d1g1t5 announces the call for e-mail art / art by e-mail “ART IN QUARANTINE”.

Having in mind the potential of this initiative to constitute a unique and artistic historical archive, as well as its interdisciplinary nature in the promotion of bridges between arts and health, we invite you, during the next 40 days, to send your contribution (textual/visual, sound and/or multimedia), via the following e-mail: artinquarantine@gmail.com

March 15 2020

"Nothing" is meaningful"

AA created art with AI

Constructed using the free availlable software RunWayML an open source AI solution which allows the use of a slew of different AI trained sets and provides means to use them on your own data

Using its text to image GAN (Generative Adversarial Neural Network) and selecting several sentences made of the abstract concepts: Television and Radio combined with some adjectives and nouns the following images were produced

The images themselves evoke a kind of eerie painterly atmosphere, which probably is caused by the un-understanding of the AI of the particular meaning of these concepts.

The dataset used appears to have the visual cognition of a 5 to 6 year old, it is interesting to see how this translates to the resulting outcome

Also interesting to note is that adding one or several spaces will change the output significantly. It is as if "nothing" is very meaningful for our AI!

Tv statiuc with radio phone ,AA 2020 (Input exactly as above, including misspelling and spaces)

Art created with AI

Februari 21 2020

a large building with a clock on the top of it

AA created art with AI

a large building with a clock on the top of it

Art created with AI

Februari 2020

VvG 2020


Digital Painting

January 21 2020

Computent statt compliziert


A2 Poster