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Faculty of making discoveries by accident. Serendipity has been recently used in connection with Internet, since the large quantity of information available provides chances to find unexpected relevant information while surfing the web. In Science one speaks about serendipity when the discovery is made by reasons alien to the established research experiments. For example the discovery of penicillin. The coinage of the term is attributed to the British writer Horace Walpole from a Persian tale "The Three Princes of Serendip" where the heroes make discoveries accidentally.
The ability to gain knowledge from accidental events. Many famous new products have been discovered accidentally, but many potential discoveries were overlooked because the observer was not serendipitous (having a prepared mind).
Ritueel slachten is een misdaad tegen de mensheid
Ritual offering and killing of animals is a crime
A. Andreas
The Three Princes of Serendip
Making a commitment, taking action, and expecting the unexpected that your soul and universe create with you.
Sri Lanka=Serendip, Ceylon, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dharma
Definition: Re*splen"dent (-dent), a. [L. resplendens, -entis,
p. pr. of resplendere to shine brightly; pref. re- re- +
splendere to shine. See {Splendid}.]
Shining with brilliant luster; very bright. --
{Re*splen"dent*ly}, adv.
To decorate your personal environment with a new, resplendent, layer of reality.(motto: AndroPro)
21 12 2004:
But now, from the mouth of the Trismegistus,
we are given a description of the future of the world:
„Knowest thou not, Asclepius, that Egypt is the image of heaven∑
the dwelling [place] of heaven and of all the powers that are in heaven?
∑Our earth [i.e. the land of Egypt] is the temple of the world.š
"Traume Eines Geistersehers" phamflet of Kant about Emanuel Swedenborgh Kant declared pure reason to be limited to what sensory experience could disclose. "post-metaphysical study of consciousness and spirituality" a statement for AndroPro vs. Brhaman Inteligence Service faculty of spi(ritual) researches. Jacqy Gerr'Ets En? heaven is the state of being happy during this life - modern budhism body, mind, soul and spirit as the four levels of being/knowing - Ken Wilbur Perennial means "everlasting," like a perennial flower that comes up year after year. Espousing the notion that some ideas have lasted over centuries and are as relevant today as when they were first conceived, perennialism urges that these ideas should be the focus of education. According to perennialists, when students are immersed in the study of those profound and enduring ideas, they will appreciate learning for its own sake and become true intellectuals. while essentialism reflects the traditional ... view that the "real" world is the physical world we experience with our senses, perennialism is more open to the notion that universal spiritual forms--such as those posited by Plato or by theological philosophers--are equally real. Perennialists regard essentialism, and its view that knowledge stems primarily from the empirical findings of scientists, as undermining the importance of our capacity to reason as individuals; that is, to think deeply, analyticallv, flexibly, and imaginatively. 30122004 Definitions of Soteriology on the Web: The study of the doctrine of salvation. It is derived from the Greek word soterious which means salvation. Some of the subjects of soteriology are the atonement, imputation, and regeneration. The section of Christian theology dealing with the doctrine of salvation (Greek: soteria). The division of theology which treats of the mission and work of Christ as Redeemer. Soteriology is from two Greek word [sozo] meaning Save, and [logos] meaning word. By extension the word or discourse of Salvation. It is the doctrine of the study of God's work in Salvation. How through the passion, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, man's redemption is accomplished. [back] Soteriology is derived from the two Greek words swthri/a(soteria) meaning salvation and lo/goj(logos) meaning "word." Soteriology, then,is the science of salvation. Salvation is not only an "A-Okay" from God. It involves not only the forgiveness of sins, but the power over them. Soteriology studies God's historical deliverence of His people from the bondage of sin and death and affliction, to the promise of an eternal life with God in His holy love, through His Son Jesus Christ. 25012005: Kephera, "having union with my own hand," masturbates the universe into existence, "embracing my shadow, I poured my seed into my mouth my own," then "ejecting air, and spitting out moisture," creating the first two ingredients. These tears, in jealous rage at having to share the universe with their creator, induce him to "find a higher place for him on my brow," giving it authority to rule over all creation, becoming the third eye, the eye in the pyramid, the Eye of Horus, the Wedjat, the "apple of my eye," and the Apollonian Eye. from "Primal Myths: Creating the World," by Barbara C. Sproul. Kephera represents the power of self-transformation; the ability to transmute ones self beyond the limits of societal programming. To decide as Neb-er-tcher to explore possibilities an2d thus expand your experience. 26012005: Connecting to the Cosmos Neopagans believe in the importance of celebrating the solar, lunar and other cycles of our lives. We consciously observe the solstices, equinoxes and the points in between, as well as the phases of the moon. Such „rites of intensificationš are human universals, as are the various ceremonies known as „rites of passageš ų celebrations of birth, puberty, personal dedication to a given deity or group, marriage, ordination, death, etc. Together these various sorts of observations help us to find ourselves in space and time. 03022005: Science is concerned with process, e.g., the repeatable experiment; religion is concerned with event, the sudden encounter with the God who is not contained by nature. --- Fellaheen : Oswald Spengler in his book `The Decline of the West' (1922) set out the view that civilisations existed in life cycles, within which distinctions can be made between peoples before, within, and after a Culture. He named these people primitives, culture-peoples, and- from its best known example, the Egyptians of post-Roman times- fellah-peoples, or fellaheen. ----- fellaheen man, the man of the soil, the man of the great serf class, is creating his own culture. ----- A generation of writers labeled themselves "Beat" because they were, in essence, tired out, worn out of everything, beat before they started. Long before, Spengler had called people like them "fellaheens" -- the ones who inhabit and describe the ruins and the decomposing strata of a developed civilization. Oh, did I say Burroughs is dead? Bullshit. Burroughs ain't dead. Don't you believe it, ya fuckin' fellaheen. -- Ned Hayes william s. burroughs: february 5, 1914 - august 2, 1997 -------------- ------ Comment Ravisingh Registered User Posts: 33 (8/9/03 8:24 am) Reply SCYTHIANS AND SARMATIANS For the full article see: Posted without comment: SCYTHIANS AND SARMATIANS ANUP REJ The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Bangkok The pastoral nomadism, known as Yamnaya culture, existed in the steppe of Central Asia, just north of Turkmenia, earlier than 4000 BC. In the third millennium BC horses came to be in use in the area. Wheeled carts became in vogue in the north of the Black sea in the middle of third millennium. The burial mounds, called Kurgans, spread through the steppe between 2500 BC and 1500 BC, and around 2000 BC the Bronze age began to flourish there. Srubnaya and Andronovo cultures descended from this Yamnaya culture: They spoke Indo-European languages. It is believed that the Scythians originated from the Srubnaya and Andronovo cultures. The Scythians formed several secondary groups in the East like the Sacians (Sacae) and Messagetes. WESTWARD MOVEMENT Massagetes (Sacae) lived to the north of the Oxus. When the forerunners of the Huns, The Hsiung-Nu tribe was dislodged from their territory in the western China,they pushed Messagetes westward. It caused a chain reaction, causing successive displacement of different nomadic tribes towards the west. Massagetes pushed the Scythians, who, in turn, displaced the Cimmerians from the northern shores of the Black Sea. The Aryans from the Pontic steppe of Russia entered the Aegean coasts as Acheans and Phrygians, and while pursuing the Cimmerians crossed over the Caucasus and came to the present-day Azerbaidzhan, and founded their capital at Sakiz, south of lake Urmia in the present day Kordestan. Later they became allies of the neighboring Assyrian empire. The Medes managed to evict these Scythians from their territories, and pushed them back to Urartu in Amazones from where they had entered Persia. Then the Sarmatians - a tribe of very similar origin as the Scythians, but whose maidens rode, hunted and joined in wars with their men - pushed the Scythians from their eastern enclaves. Being pushed westward the Scythians entered Hungary and Bulgaria and established outposts in the Balkans. Ravisingh Registered User Posts: 34 (8/10/03 12:51 am) Reply Re: SCYTHIANS AND SARMATIANS Randeep Singh I have put the article in a somewhat coherent, readable form. It is interresting redaing. Who is the author? The name Anup sounds India, but REJ does not. My first comment is on the lack of understanding that the author has re the Nagas, and the mother goddess , whom we know as the DEVI or Devi Ma, personified in the Devi e.g of Vasihno Devi. Some , mostly ignorant, sensaniolis western thinkers see only the nonsense of Snake worship, or demonism, and depict indian dieties in a degradory manner, so as to contrats with their religious beliefs. "Shiva/Rudra are destroyers, wild, or drunk, like Dionysus". Shiva actually represents the formless creative force, represented by the pillar of fire, which as Agni, is the base for our " havana" ceremonies for the Fire ceremonies. The rest is argument, they were scythian, they were not, they came from Mars, they did not and so on. Ravi Kraigus Registered User Posts: 9 (8/27/03 7:12 am) Reply Re: SCYTHIANS AND SARMATIANS Hi Ravi, The oldest collection of books on the planet, though it has been passed down through generations is the 'Canon' (i may have spelt this wrong) of the Jews. The 'Canon', or better known as the 'old testament' in the 'Bible' to this day is the most accurate set of books historically. It has never actually been proven wrong. Ancient cities have been discovered through it. Many of the miracles mentioned in it, have archeologically been found feasible. The book is believed to contain prophesy of cultures such as the 'Babylonians' and 'Medes' and 'Persians', written before the even existed (check the book of Isaiah). and the whole Jesus thing is covered in very accurate detail (he will be beaten beyond recognision, killed appearing to have lost, but through doing even the gentiles throughout the whole world will acknowledge and worship the Father in Heaven. After the annointed one has come on the earth and gone, then the Jews, who, it predicts will be spread throughout the nations, will get Israel back as their country. My point, now we understand the value of the books, historically???? In the book of Genesis, it mentions how civilisation started in the land of 'Shinar' (modern day Turkey), and all the cultures spread from there. One large group of people, was the 'sons of Joktan'. They dwelt from 'Mesha' towards 'Sephar' the great mountains of the east (possibly somewhere in the Afghanistan region). It is believed that from these people came the Iranian speaking people ( the medes, persians and the original peoples of central asia) it is believed that they were fair skinned people who possibly decorated themselves in tattoos They were related to the Chaldeans from whom came the Babylonians, the Ammonites, the Edomites, the Jews and the Arabs (meaning people from the Arabian peninsula and not muslims) The Sythians are beleived to possibly be among this racial group. Could this help point to the original point of origin for the people you mentioned? Odalaka Registered User Posts: 1 (10/5/03 11:54 pm) Reply Scythians Were IE There is simply no evidence which might suggest that Sythians were a mythological biblical(read Jewish) people. Scythians were an Indo-European people spreading out of their Caucasus homeland north of the Turkic realm. There were several tribes of these people, the Medes, the Massagathes, The Alemanis, the Germaniis etc. Even the IE people who were called by the Chinese in the 2nd century BCE as Yu-echi(Goths) and the Tocharians. It is worthy to mention that the Yuechi moved into North Western India in the 1st century BCE and founded an empire in Bactria and later expanded into India. We all know about Kings Kadphises and Kanishka. The Tocharis of Kanishka are modern day Dogras of Jammu, Northern Punjab and Himachal. Goths are Jats of Punjab, Haryana and western UP(Harit Pradesh) whose line has been corrupted by the disastrous religious theologies which they adopted. They are quite unfortunately low on the HG3 gene marker, as compared to the Northern Janjuas, who now inhabit Potohar region of Pakistan, from Punchh to Attock. These people even had Aryic traditions which were suggested by several Chinese Historians of that age. But most of all, it is downright stupid to even allude to a relationship of the Jewish myths with the Scythians. I am from a Brahman family from that part of the North Western India which is now in Pakistan. I treat the Janjuas and Dogras as our kin. As for Kraig's claim that bible is yet to be rubbished as a myth, which it quite honestly is, you can even Ask Prof Michael Witzel or Flaherty as well. Or Still go back to the conceptions of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and the writings on History by Oswald Spengler. I agree with you Ravi, that wessterners start off with a prejudice, sunk in their Judeo-christian magian religiosity, whether one realises or not, his thought is always sunk in this mire, even as they start off. That is why they can not realise and appreciate the value which Aryic religion bestows upon life. And they try to vilify and prove wrong our gods. This is the expression of the grand semitic will to extension. But it is going to flounder, very soon! Famed be our gods! Jaya Satya Dharma Aryaverta!!! Ravisingh Registered User Posts: 36 (10/8/03 2:43 am) Reply Disastrous religious theologies Odalaka writes Goths are Jats of Punjab, Haryana and western UP(Harit Pradesh) whose line has been corrupted by the disastrous religious theologies which they adopted Could you elaborate on these „ disastrous religious theologiesš I would appreciate the education Ravi Ravisingh Registered User Posts: 37 (10/8/03 2:47 am) Reply Re: Disastrous religious theologies and gene markers Odalaka writes: [ the Jats] are quite unfortunately low on the HG3 gene marker, as compared to the Northern Janjuas, who now inhabit Potohar region of Pakistan, from Punchh to Attock. ********** Dear Learned Scholar What is the source for your data and conclusion ? Assuming what you write is correct, why is it unfortunate ? Ravi Odalaka Registered User Posts: 3 (10/8/03 5:26 pm) Reply Theologies What I implied in that sentence was in fact an allusion to the theocratic regimes in North Western India, including the Magian Islam and Banda Singh's Sikh ideals. There still are intermixtures between Jats and Moslems in the State of Uttar Pradesh, you have a mongrel variety known as Muda Jat here. All of this is an unfortunate irony since the Jats have at last absorbed Magian instincts, going against their natural instincts. And that Haplogroup 3(Eu19/M17) genetic finding is recorded by almost all recent geneticists, therefore I am not going to name even one of them, not even Osser. I was surprised to find that Jats do not show the kind of prominence of HG3 which even some Kashmiri Pandits/Puncchhi groups do. Odalaka Registered User Posts: 4 (10/8/03 5:51 pm) Reply a spelling mistake there... I should have mentioned Rosser anyhow. Ravisingh Registered User Posts: 40 (10/9/03 7:04 am) Reply Re: a spelling mistake there... Dear very learned scholar Mr Odalaka Thank you for your assistance in our education; 1) what is Magian Islam ? 2) What are Banda Singh's Sikh Ideals? What is this admixture between Jats and Muslims, and what is a Muda JaT. I have heard of Jats, who accepted Islam being known as Mullah Jats. They retain their Jats customs . But what is this mongrel called a Muda Jat, or are you suggesting that Jats who accepted Islam are Mongrels? What of the Jats who accepted the Arya samaj, or the Guru's techings. Banda Singh Bahadur accepted the Guru's Teachings ! Are they mongrels too ? Please also educate us on the importance of the HP3 genetic marker, and its importance. How high are you in this marker ? Odalaka Registered User Posts: 5 (10/9/03 6:18 pm) Reply Here is a reply Ravisingh: I have heard of Jats, who accepted Islam being known as Mullah Jats. They retain their Jats customs . Odalaka: You mean customs which are tired and decayed, I say this in a typical spenglarian perspective, no prejudices involved here? Muda jat is a term used by certain people/castes in the western UP. Ravisingh: 1) what is Magian Islam ? Odalaka: For an elaborate understanding of my own weltaunschaung, read and understand Oswald Spengler's Der Untergang Des Abendlandes. Ravisingh: 2) What are Banda Singh's Sikh Ideals? Odalaka: Wasn't Banda Singh following the delusions of yet another prophet-like Guru? The idea of a Guru, as it became fashionable among creeds and various sects, in which I am not interested any further, represents fellaheen decadence, in a distinctive magian-like fashion, it transpires among the early juden, it is found among the arab bedouin tribes and it is found in Zoroaster, who was not an Arya-Iranian. It is marked by the presence of the unique Semitic Aramaic characteristic dualism. Fellaheen most are here in the Subcontinent as well, as a result of the decay following the cunning buddhist dialectic against vedic culture's waking-consciousness. ---------------

A. Andreas, }|{ 2005