Definitions of rural on the Web:
* living in or characteristic of farming or country life; "rural people";
large rural households"; "unpaved rural roads"; "an economy that is basically
* relating to rural areas; "rural electrification"; "rural free deliver
* Rural areas are sparsely settled places away from the influence of large
cities and towns. Such areas are distinct from more intensively settled urban
and suburban areas, and also from unsettled lands such as outback or wilderness.
People live in villages, on farms and in other isolated houses.
* A term to describe something which is not of an urban center.
* Part of the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum. An area that is characterized
by a natural environment, which has been substantially modified by development
of structures, vegetative manipulation or pastoral agricultural development.
Resource modification and utilization practices may be used to enhance specific
recreation activities and maintain vegetative cover and soil. Sights and sounds
of humans are readily evident, and the interaction between users is often
moderate to high. ...
* All areas not classified by the Census Bureau as urban are defined as
rural and generally include places of less than 2,500 persons.
* Refers to an area with mostly farmland and little human population, or
characteristic of farming and country life.
* of or relating to the country or country people, or agriculture;
* 1. School or multi-school system with 2,500 students or fewer in a
community of 25,000 people or less located 25 miles or more from a large urban
center OR 2. School or school system where students are bussed from several
areas or communities and located 25 miles or more from an urban center.
* those areas not designated as metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs)
* Territory and population not classified as urban constitute rural,
generally places of less than 2,500 persons (for more detail, see Urban).
* A Main Inventory Table field identifying the presence of agricultural
tools and livestock.
* Places (incorporated or unincorporated) with fewer than 2,500 residents
and open territory. See non-metropolitan areas. (ERS: USDA:What is Rural )
* Territory, population and housing units not classified as urban. "Rural"
classification cuts across other hierarchies and can be in metropolitan or non-
metropolitan areas.
* Areas outside the boundaries of urban areas.
* Rural population includes persons living in the open country or in towns
of less than 2,500 people. It is subdivided in the rural farm population which
comprises all rural residents living on farms, and the rural non farm population
which includes the remaining rural population.
* pertaining to the area outside the larger and moderate- sized cities and
surrounding population concentrations. Generally characterized by farms,
ranches, small towns, and unpopulated regions. Compare with suburb.
* Indicates whether the school is located in a rural area. A rural area is
defined as a locality comprising fewer than 10 000 people. The localities are
determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
* Used to identify books related to agriculture or country life and
* relating to the countryside and people who live in the countryside.
* means an area not defined as urban by AoA.
* an area characterized by the sights and sounds of rural residential and
agricultural land uses. The interaction between users is often moderate to high.
* A geographic area that is sparsely populated.,9128,1352887-content,00.html
* Cities, towns or villages with a population of less than 25,000.
* Places of 2,500 or fewer population and not other urban areas.
* The area of the state outside the Perth Statistical Division as defined by
the Australian Bureau of Statistics (see Metropolitan).
* Countryside.

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