Semantic Disturbances

A. Andreas 2005 - 2007

Incoherent Visions of a Wounded Body, a series of nonlineair poetic automata.

Internet as an audience & as an actor.
On view @ most current browsers & operating systems.

'[A] different type of subversion exploiting text-based media is Agam Andreas' Semantic Disturbances ( This work makes use of text generative techniques to present net citations assembled and chosen by the author. Textual fragments found on the Web are rearranged, deformed, or crushed, to produce deconstructed textual fragments as actual text.'[¹]
Installation view, images courtesy of Gallery d+n+r Amsterdam


2007 2006 2005

Screenings / Presentations:

Digital Poetry as Intervention - Amsterdam (NL) 2011
BYO Screen 2 - De Verdieping Amsterdam (NL) 2011
Electronic Literature Collection Vol. 2 Launch Event - Bergen Norway 2011
Chlebnikov Carnival - Kessello (BE) 2008
Digital Media - Valencia (ES) 2008
De Balie - Amsterdam (NL) 2007


SpringGun Press Issue 4 2011, US
Atomic Unicorn: Issue 2 2008, US
Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, #5 2008, US
New River: Journal of Digital Writing and Art, Fall 2007, US/Virginia,
Web del Sol's eScene #34 2008: ESCENE - Literary Fiction and Poetry, US
Nictoglobe: Transmedial Art & Acts, Volume 12 Issue 3 (2006): Europe/Amsterdam.


Electronic Literature Collection 2, 2010
Javamuseum: Net Art Features IV 2008,
Rhizome ArtBase,,
The low-fi Net Art Locator,


Transfers and Society, Huitieme colloque international du CRI, Montreal, 15 au 17 novembre 2006


[¹] From 'Arroyas. F, De/generative Narratives: Internet Art and Textual Adaptation, Communication, Montréal 2006, University of Guelph'. This is an experimental work in progress, started winter 2005. Preliminary multilingual versions available, click accordingly. Also available as rss-feed

DVD: As of to date a DVD with a selection of the works is available for sale. Limited edition for EUR 20,00. Click here to order your copy.