Urban Gaming

Jump, Move, Raise, Dog, Hoople, Girl

A. Andreas - Dharma the Digital Dog

Live video-projection game for e-mail, building & audience





Web: http://burgerwaanzin.nl/puppet

The game projected on a building (simulation)

Proof of Concept: November 2010



A little story in which the audience can influence the course of events, projected outdoors on a big urban building

Audience is able to send an email-message from their mobile phone or otherwise to instruct the dog to jump.

The puppet is instructed to make the right gestures to make the dog jump through the hoola hoop.

The story last as long the audience is involved in moving the puppets around to accomplish their goal

To be projected on a huge centrally located urban building. And, of course lot's of people with mobile phones around.

Prerequisites: huge building, high power projection system, web server, pc/mac computer, local WIFI network with high throughput, audience, mobile phones with email facilities


Descriptive Media (Lo-Res Images)


email: puppet@burgerwaanzin.nl

subject: register dog, move dog 20, jump 30, lower 20 [GAME]





Audience is asked to send email with the REGISTER command, either DOG or GIRL

The first two received are assigned to the game, no more slots allowed. The others are queued (in tuplets) for later playing. First come first play

2 Acceptance

The first two registered recceive a conformation message

The DOG person can send JUMP and MOVE messages i.e. JUMP, MOVE LEFT (amount), MOVE RIGHT (amount)

The GIRL person can send MOVE commands like the DOG person and RAISE command (amount) to lower or raise the HOOPLE


The purpose of the game is to use the commands to let jump the dog as quickly as possible through the HOOPLE. Teamsscores (time) is projected, including their names

4 Next round

5 After a estimated time of 30 minutes with an audience of 15 to 20 persons the winning duo is declared - if sufficient audience allows - a new series can be started.


Technical Rider

List of material:

- One high power output beamer

- One pc/mac for technical setup and connecting to webserver, one pc/mac (laptop) to be used as source for screening.

- Technical support for emailserver setup,

- High! Speed internetconnection,

- One building to be projected on,

- Printing material support for flyers, schedule and instruction booklet.

Set up description:

On planned time and place, audience is invited to play with the installation, audience is instructed with flyers how to handle it.

Screening computer is connected with high power beamer, during the show.

Estimated duration ca 30 minutes per event.

Setup time including testing ca 2 hours.

Different events on different locations are welcomed. 


To be projected on large outdoor urban building, preferable size 40 x 30 meter( 4:3 ratio) or approximate.

Showtimes evenings at night.time or at low light conditions

The inviting organization will provides the technical means to beam the visual output of a computer connected to a publicly WiFi available mail- and web-server on a public building

Assists in bringing the event under the attention of an inventive audience willing to experiment with their environment on a larger than life scale.and facilitates printed promotional material

Will be responsible for maintaining the safety of the participating audience



A. Andreas

(1956 Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Concept, Web development, Graphics

BIO: http://www.nictoglobe.com/new/agam

Robert Geifman

(1978 St. Petersburg, Russia) - PHP/MySQL, Code, Programming



Contact ajaco@xs4all.nl or a.andreas@nictoglobe.com

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