* vt.??[?]?
* vt.??[?]?
* turn on or around an axis or a center
* orb: move in an orbit
* roll: cause to move by turning over or in a circular manner of as if on an axis
* Revolve, the band's seventh studio album, marks the return of lead vocalist Ted Poley. It is also the first Danger Danger studio album to feature Rob Marcello on guitar.
* To orbit a central point
* revolved - rotated: turned in a circle around an axis
* A stage or, more usually, part of a stage (usually circular), which can revolve through 360 degrees. The most famous, to older UK TV watchers, is the revolve which was used at the end of the TV show Sunday Night at the London Palladium .
* An moveable area of the stage that enables scenery to rotate.
* to move around, or orbit, another object
* revolving - An irrevocable letter is issued for a specific amount, which renews itself for the same amount over a given period. Usually the unused portion of each period is non-cumulative and cannot be carried over to the next period.
* revolving - This refers to revolving credit or credit on accounts such as credit cards where the available balance adjusts with purchases and payments. For example, a revolving balance on a credit card or line of credit may be $1000 until the cardholder makes a $100 purchase.
* fonction de modélisation du logiciel Alias qui, telle un tour de potier, permet d'obtenir des formes de révolution (verre, bouteille)
* Revolve è il settimo album dei Danger Danger, uscito nel 2009 per l'etichetta discografica Frontiers Records.

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